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Life Goals

  1. Open a Star Wars themed restaurant and call it Admiral Snackbar.

That’s it those are my goals

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[puts hand on character’s shoulder] i wouldn’t be who i am today without you

Jumping in the shower and discovering last night’s forgotten note from your drunken best friend. Thanks for using the permanent marker, Heidi. #hipstershit #sheneedstostop

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the ironic thing about hbo choosing not to name their show a song of ice and fire is that by titling it game of thrones they’ve proven exactly how fucking much they’re missing the point. because that’s the thing. the books are not about the game of thrones and the characters…

But…no. Yes there is a point to be made that all of the southron squabbles for the worlds most uncomfortable chair may be rendered totally meaningless if The Others make it over the wall or Daenerys finally stops dicking about in the slaver cities and comes to dracarys the shit out of King’s Landing, YES there is a point. But……

  1. To say the books are wholly about dragons vs zombies? I think that’s missing something too. The ‘Ice’ and ‘Fire’ of the series title is much more thematic than literal. It has many representations throughout the story and the zombies and the dragons are just one of several.

  2. A Song of Ice and Fire just doesn’t work for television. One of my main problems with this adaptation is that a number of book fans just expect a straight translation and don’t understand the changes or allowances that need to be made for a totally different medium. As far as show titles go you need something short, snappy, something that gives you a vague idea of its content. Something like, oh hey, how about Game of Thrones? Yeah that could work. Oh it’s also the name that GRRM CHOSE for the first book in the series that is supposedly nothing to do at all with the game of thrones? Well fan-fucking-tastic.

  3. The game of thrones itself, the struggle for the Iron Throne, actually does have weight in the story. It’s a HUGE part of the series. And if you’re right, if the whole thing does come down to just dragons vs ice zombies (which I hope to God it doesn’t, a battle would be cool but to bring the entire, complicated, beautiful story down to just that?) then the person who sits the Iron Throne will affect the outcome. Would Stannis have ever gone north to respond to the Night’s watch calls for help if he didn’t give a shit about the Iron Throne? Would Dany and her dragons ever bother going back to Westeros if she didn’t give a shit about the Iron Throne? What about the armies and their strategy if they come to fight The Others? Who’s going to command them? The person who sits the Iron fucking Throne and their delegates. If Dorne, the Iron Islands or the North secedes from the rest of the seven kingdoms then again, it’s still those involved with the power struggle who will be heavily involved in the defence of their kingdoms should they come under attack from, I don’t know, a horde of ice zombies or dragonfire.