Misfits: Series 1-3 Retrospective

Edited by me. Major spoilers ahead.

That buzz feed post about things that only happen in Cardiff is bullllllshiiiiiiiit

my life the last few week away from tumblr a summary

Gone Girl (2014) trailer promo posters

Life Goals

  1. Open a Star Wars themed restaurant and call it Admiral Snackbar.

That’s it those are my goals

Viva Havana #cuba #travel #havana

Jun 26   # travel  havana  cuba 

On the move again… #cuba #lonelyplanet #travel @chuckierockett (at Gatwick Airport)

He looks like he really doesn’t want to though. #gameofthrones #shareacoke

[puts hand on character’s shoulder] i wouldn’t be who i am today without you

Jumping in the shower and discovering last night’s forgotten note from your drunken best friend. Thanks for using the permanent marker, Heidi. #hipstershit #sheneedstostop

walter white per season appreciation

Anonymous: Who are you supporting in the world cup?